Non-Traditional Students

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ FIRST — Scholarship Application Process

Online applications: ONE application is all that’s needed to apply to multiple scholarships. The new online application process will alert you of eligibility during the completion of the online app. For example, if you read the descriptions of scholarships and plan to apply to several you still only need to complete one online app. Based on information in your application, you will be presented with those scholarships for which you are eligible to apply. Simply select yes or no for each scholarship listed for you. We suggest you write down the names of the scholarships before you begin the online process.

Printable applications: Many scholarships have printable Word Documents as their application. Simply click on the scholarship name and it will take you to a document for you to download and complete. You must complete one for EACH scholarship with a printable application. Instructions for submission are included in the document.

In-School applications: Several scholarships applications are available only through your school’s guidance counselor. If you find a scholarship listed under in-school apps, please see your guidance counselor office for an application.

 (Click and complete only ONE online app for multiple scholarships.)



The following scholarships are open to students who have already completed their high school education. All scholarships, except Women With A Vision, have an annual deadline of March 1.

Ronald J. Jelinek Memorial Fund for Welding Education
For current and past high school graduates wanting to learn or improve their welding skills. Application is open to anyone living in Rock County, Wisconsin.

Betty Moore-Weyland Scholarship
For students who are enrolled or will be enrolling in a course of study leading to a career in nursing who reside in the Badger High School, Big Foot High School, or Delavan-Darien High School district boundaries. Student should be in the top 50% of class ranking. Preference may be given for financial need, but is not a restriction.

Joseph B. Schrock, MD, Memorial Scholarship
For past graduates of Elkhorn Area High School or Big Foot High School studying music or health education. Must have a 3.0 GPA.

Rock Prairie United Presbyterian Church Scholarship
For current and past high school graduates. Must be an active member of the Rock Prairie United Presbyterian Church, Janesville, Wisconsin and have demonstrated Christian values through church involvement and community service.


PRINTABLE APPLICATIONS (Click on the scholarship name for application.)

Janesville Multicultural Teacher Scholarship
The JMTS program offers an incentive for Janesville students of color to return to the community as professional teachers and role models for all students.

Mae Theisen Scholarship at UW-Rock County
For Janesville residents attending the University of Wisconsin-Rock County, not limited to any particular field of study.  Student must have financial need.  May be renewed after the first year if student demonstrates good academic progress.

William C. and Margaret L. Parmer Scholarship
For students from Monroe, Wisconsin, who are enrolled in a medical school graduate program.

Note: Most scholarship funds have specific eligibility requirements established by the donor, such as enrollment at a particular high school or specialization in a particular field of study. Also, most scholarship funds base selection on financial need, academic performance, extracurricular activities, volunteer/community service, or other talents. Applicants should  keep these issues in mind as they search for scholarships for which they may be eligible.