Current Recipient FAQ

How do I receive my scholarship?

In order to receive your scholarship you must send in the appropriate paperwork which includes either your fall class schedule or your fall semester grades and your spring semester class schedule. (See “When will it be paid” for which information you must send.) You must also include the name and address of your school, your student account I.D. number, and your school e-mail address.

Class schedules must print with your first and last name on them.  For UW schools do not use the “grid view” class schedule option.

When will it be paid?

Some scholarships are paid upon proof of enrollment at your school, some are paid after receipt of your first semester grades and second semester class schedule, and some are paid half upon proof of enrollment and half upon receipt of first semester grades and second semester class schedule. Please refer to your award letter for your scholarship’s payment date details.

Can I e-mail my transcript and class schedule?

Yes, you can e-mail them to mailto: [email protected]. The documents you send can be obtained on-line through your student account and must include your first and last name and the school’s name in order to be eligible. You will receive an e-mail in return if the information is incorrect or unreadable. If you prefer to mail your information, please send to:

Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, Inc.
26 South Jackson Street
Janesville, WI 53548-3838

How do I know if the scholarship has been paid?

You will receive an e-mail informing you that the check has been sent to your school.

My scholarship says it can be renewed. How do I renew it?

You will receive an e-mail in May detailing what information you need to send in order to have your scholarship renewed. This information usually includes an official transcript and a letter describing highlights of your previous year and goals that you have set for your next school year.

Further questions?

Please contact Jackie Ommodt at 608-758-0883 or e-mail mailto: [email protected].