Date: July 5th, 2018

Annual 5th Grade Elizabeth Summers Academic Achievement Awards presented at Iowa-Grant

Six Iowa-Grant Middle School students were recently presented certificates and monetary awards made possible through a charitable bequest from the estate of Elizabeth J. Summers.

2018 Elizabeth Summers Academic Achievement Awards
Fred Skaife (standing behind) of the Iowa Grant Educational Foundation is show with recipients (left to right) Linnea Elg, Jacob Phillips, Dawson Reid, Lakyn Holman, Lucas Christiansen, and Bret Connolly.

The recipients include Lucas Christiansen, Bret Connolly, Linnea Elg, Lakyn Holman, Jacob Phillips, and Dawson Reid. These students earned the award as fifth graders, during the 2017-2018 academic year. They were selected for being in the top 10% of their class as determined by their performance on standardized tests and on the recommendation of their teachers.

Fennimore Attorney David Kurth, representing the Summers estate, contacted the Iowa-Grant School District in 2010. He shared the news of a bequest of $30,000, given by Elizabeth Summers in honor of her older twin sisters who were rural school teachers. Josephine and Genevieve Kalile attended the Normal School in Platteville and taught in Boscobel, Mount Hope, Wingville and Castle Rock and in Boscobel, Anderson Mills, Beaver Dam and Mt. Horeb, respectively.

Elizabeth, Josephine and Genevieve parents, John and Rose Kilile, were farmers in Fennimore, having emigrated from the country of Lebanon. Elizabeth met her husband, Norbert Summers, in La Crosse. She worked as a secretary/receptionist at a business in La Crosse for 34 years.

When Elizabeth died, her Trust made gifts totaling over $1.1 million. In addition to the Iowa-Grant bequest, the Summers Trust made gifts to a number of other public schools plus, among others, the Boscobel Health Care Foundation, Fennimore Community Scholarship Foundation, Great Rivers United Way, UW-Platteville Foundation, and Caritas Lebanon Catholic Charity.

Fred Skaife, a member of the Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation Advisory Board, made the presentations noting, “We all know that you have worked hard to achieve this award. Awards just do not happen without plenty of hard work. Sometimes you probably have given up some other fun activity to spend extra time studying. We are sure that you parents, teachers, siblings & friends are all very proud of you.”

Attorney David Kurth shared recollections of his interaction with Ms. Summers. Additionally, he brought a number of items that were used in the one-room schools by Ms. Summers’ sisters.
The Elizabeth J. Summers Elementary Academic Achievement Awards are awarded through a partnership of the Iowa-Grant School District, the Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation (IGEF), and the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin (CFSW).

IGEF was established in 2000 and is a component of CFSW. Its mission is to build an endowment that provides private resources for the support of the Iowa-Grant School District. For more information or to make a donation to the Foundation contact IGEF advisory board chair Paulette DiVall ([email protected]) or CFSW Donor Services Representative Barb Daus ([email protected] or 608-778-3344). Donations to the Foundation can be sent to the Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation, PO Box 124, Livingston, WI 53554 or can be made online at

Date: July 5th, 2018

North Crawford Community Education Foundation Presents Scholarships

North Crawford Community Education Foundation board chair, Chuck Bolstad, presented scholarships to six North Crawford graduates at the school’s awards night for seniors.

Front Row (left to right): NC Seniors Braydon Friar, Johnathan Volden, Kylie Heisz, Morgan Eitsert, Ashley Baumeister, and Lyrica Marks. Back row (left to right): North Crawford Community Education Foundation Advisory Board Members Chuck Bolstad, Karen Bolstad, Ann Everson, Dan Everson, Joe Friar, Harry Heisz, and Lois Schwert.

“I am here for the 2nd year, representing our organization. A year ago, in 2017, I presented six scholarships totaling $4500; I will make similar awards to members of this class shortly. Before doing so I want to mention the two grants, totaling $898, that were made during this academic year – one was to fund a Wiggle While you Work project proposed by Amy Geary; the other, to fund the construction of ‘standing tables’ as proposed by Nate McKittrick,” reported Bolstad.

Bolstad continued noting, “These scholarships and grants would not have been possible without monies given by so many in our community. We are honored that 50 individuals, families and/or businesses contributed to our Charter Donor Program. We are humbled that so many others have joined those Charter Donors. We have received gifts given in memory of past graduates and honoring special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and the opening of the Brewer baseball season. We have also received a number of gifts given directly from retirement accounts. Our goal is to build endowments. It is the earnings of the endowments that make these scholarships and grants possible.”

Offering congratulations to the North Crawford Class of 2018, Bolstad noted, “I know that the North Crawford community has a long history of supporting the efforts of graduating seniors from North Crawford High School. In fact, one of this year’s awards commemorates the memory of Carl and Malla Ofstun who left monies to fund scholarships to promote young people furthering their education, particularly in the arts. The North Crawford Community Endowment Foundation is honored to join in that tradition for two very important reasons. First, our scholarship program represents our vote of confidence in your hard work and diligence in earning your diploma. Second, our scholarships are meant to encourage you and to give a financial boost.”

Scholarships were presented to Ashley Baumeister, Kylie Heisz, Morgan Eitsert, Braydon Friar, Lyrica Marks and Johnathan Volden.

In commenting on her scholarship award, Ashley Baumeister wrote, “Thank you so much for the amazing scholarship. The generosity did not go unnoticed. The money will help me in completing my program at SWTC. It made me incredibly happy to be honored with this scholarship.”

While the Foundation has been established to support the school and its students, it should be noted that it is separate from the school, school administration and the school board. The advisory board operates independently of the school district and is a component of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The North Crawford Community Education Foundation accepts gifts from individuals, organizations, businesses and families. There are brochures available at the school district office. There is also information available online at Donations are being received online at and by mail at NCCEF, 47050 County Rd X, Soldiers Grove WI 54655. Please direct questions and requests for additional information to CFSW donor services rep Barb Daus ([email protected], 608-778-3344), to Charles Bolstad ([email protected]) or to Rick Busch ([email protected]).

Date: June 27th, 2018

Lancaster Community Fund Presents Grants

Grants for fourteen projects that will benefit the people that are the Lancaster community were presented on June 12 at a special event held in the Community Room of the Schreiner Memorial Library.

Left to right – seated: Bobbie McMahan (EMS); Vicki Lucey (CASH); Megan Slane (Lancaster Pre-School); Lynn Crooks (St Clement School); Amy Dreckman (2018 Youth Mission Trip): Tori Leeser (SOC) Left to right – standing: Josh McLimans and Brad Sturmer (Winskill Elementary); Corey Weydert and Sandy Leibfried (Grant Regional Health Center); Deb Reukauf (Lancaster Police); Bob Keeney (Grant County); Mayor Dave Varnam; Larry Wagner (Fire Department); Dave Carlson (City of Lancaster).

In his opening remarks, Joe Krantz, LCF advisory board chair recognized fellow advisory board members Dave Helmke, Amara Hoffman, Sam Jonas, LuAnne Pink, Crysti Prange, Kevin Raisbeck, Megan Slane and Bette Steinbrenner as well as special advisor & historian Rod Roggensack.

Krantz continued saying, “As you all know, our goal is to build endowed funds that will provide monies FOREVER to support great projects in Lancaster. In addition, as you know, it takes ALL OF US WORKING TOGETHER to achieve that! We are very pleased to announce that during our 2017-2018 campaign we received donations from over 100 individuals/families/organizations. This is the first time we have achieved our goal of 100 annual donors. We know everyone receives numerous charitable requests and we are honored that so many have chosen to support our local Lancaster Community Fund. Thank you.”

Grants were presented from monies available from the Lancaster Community Fund Endowment, the Merlet Family Community Endowment, the Gillilan Family Community Fund, the Morse Family Fund, and the Schacht Family Fund and included:

•$4000 to Grant County for the purchase and installation of LED’s to light the Grant County Courthouse flag (LCF Endowment Fund);
•$1999 to Grant Regional Health Center in support of the purchase of new exercise equipment – and specifically a recumbent bike (LCF Endowment Fund);
•$5000 to the Lancaster Community Schools to support the Maker Geeks Lead to Entrepreneurs and the purchase of a TeacherGeek MakerCart (LCF Endowment Fund);
•$1200 to the Lancaster Pre-School for the purchase of outdoor playground equipment – and specifically, a swing set (LCF Endowment Fund);
•$3000 to St Clement School for Coding and Robotics Resources for 4K through 6th grade students (LCF Endowment Fund);
•$2000 to CASH – Chemical Abuse Stops Here – to fund the November 19 appearance/performance of Flight Squad, a basketball team that features family entertainment as well as education about bullying, staying in school and combating drugs and alcohol (Merlet Family Community Endowment and LCF Endowment Fund);
•$2250 to Lancaster EMS to fund the purchase of 150 STOP THE BLEED medical kits to be placed in every classroom (public and private) in Lancaster (Gillilan Family Fund);
•$1800 to the Lancaster Fire Department to fund the purchase of pagers (Gillilan Family Fund);
•$5130 to the Lancaster Police Department to support the purchase of 3 defibrillators for police cars and 1 for the Council Chambers (Gillilan Family Fund);
•$1772 to Wisconsin Badger Camp for the purchase portable radios (Gillilan Family Fund);
•$375 to Southwest Opportunities Center for enhancements to the Center’s Day Services program (Gillilan Family Fund);
•$4900 to Winskill Elementary School to support the purchase of document cameras. (Morse Family Fund);
•$1300 to Lancaster Congregational Church in support of the 2018 Youth Mission Trip (Morse Family Fund and Schacht Family Fund); and
•$918 to the Lancaster Community Schools/Winskill Elementary to purchase bicycle helmets, continuing the “Fit 4 Life–Safe 4 Life” project (Schacht Family Fund).

Krantz concluded the evening by noting that the Lancaster Community Fund has been awarding grants since 1999 and will celebrate its 20th anniversary during the upcoming year. He also noted that grants have been awarded from the Schacht Family Fund for 18 years. Krantz congratulated the recipient organizations and announced that the next grant cycle for the Lancaster Community Fund will have a closing date of November 1.

The Lancaster Community Fund is a component of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, Inc., a tax-exempt public charity. For more information, contact Joe Krantz (advisory board chair) or Barb Daus, donor services representative with the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin (608-778-3344 or [email protected]). Donations are received throughout the year at PO Box 294, Lancaster WI or online at

Date: June 27th, 2018

Mineral Point Excellence in Education Presents Grants

Margaret Mead’s famous quote – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – most certainly reflects the accomplishments of the Mineral Point Excellence in Education Advisory Board. Formed in January of 2017, this group – including Kristin Mitchell, chair; Nancy Harker, Sarah Fox, Christine Heins, Mary Jean James, Joni Martin, Larry McNeill, Jessie Potterton, and Rebecca Steffes as well as retired board member Monica Dunn – has worked diligently to build an endowment, the earnings from which, will provide monies for grants for school projects in the MP district FOR EVER.

2018 Don Hawkins Community Oak Savanna and Mineral Point Excellence in Education Grant Awardees
From left: Laurie Heimsoth (Vitamin ‘N’ Nature Day), Deb Molle (3rd grade Oak Savanna Work/Involvement Day), representing the MPEIE Dr. Sarah Fox and Kristin Mitchell, Amanda Ingwell (Yoga and Mindfulness for School-Aged Children), Jeff David (Opera for the Young), and McKenzy Brown (Nearpod, interactive learning platform subscription).

As of May 1, 2018 the EIE endowment had grown to over $40,000. The initial seed money of $10,000 was provided through the sale of the “Super Snacks for Super Kids” book. Additionally, the advisory board organized the “Every Penny Counts” campaign, challenging classes within the Mineral Point School District to become ‘$1,000 charter donors” to the MP EIE Endowment. As a result, numerous individuals, families, and organizations have made gifts to the endowment.

As noted, the ultimate goal is to generate monies for grants for projects within the MP Schools. Dr. Sarah Fox and EIE Board Chair Kristin Mitchell attended the year-end MP teacher/staff appreciation event and presented three (3) grants, totaling nearly $2000. The projects funded included Opera for the Young, proposed by Jeff David; a subscription to Nearpod, an interactive learning platform, proposed by McKenzy Brown; and needed supplies to initiate Yoga and Mindfulness for School-Aged Children, proposed by Amanda Ingwell.

Fox and Mitchell also presented the initial Don Hawkins Community Oak Savanna grants. This named endowment is specific for projects/initiative in the school’s oak savannas. The endowment was funded by gifts from the Hawkins family. Two (2) awards of just over $350 were presented. Deb Molle accepted a grant to fund 3rd grade work at/involvement with the oak savanna; Laurie Heimsoth received the a grant to support Vitamin “N” (Nature) Day.

The Mineral Point Excellence in Education and the Don Hawkins Community Oak Savanna Endowment Funds are components of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, a 501(c)(3) public charity. For additional information, contact Kristin Mitchell, board chair (608-987-3370 or [email protected]) or CFSW Donor Services Rep Barb Daus (608-778-3344 or [email protected]). Donations to either or both endowments may be made online at or by mail to PO Box 5, Mineral Point WI 53565. Make checks payable to CFSW/MPEIE or CFSW/Hawkins Endowment.

Date: June 6th, 2018

Platteville Community Fund Presents Grants Totaling Nearly $19,000

Nathan Curry, chair of the Platteville Community Fund, and Joe Rosemeyer, PCF advisory board member, presented 13 grants totaling nearly $19,000 at a special presentation breakfast held May 31.

Front (left to right): Morgan Pinzer and Donna Gavin (UWP – Girls Who Code); Tori Leeser (Southwest Opportunities Center); Brandi Kamps (Badger Camp), Nancy Fairchild (Make Music Platteville), Stephanie Saager-Bourret (JMA-Historic Re-enactment); Sheila Kelley (PHS Scholarship Fund); Val Shaw (PPS – Chinese Language Classroom) Back row (left to right): Kim Sargent, Stacia Stephenson and Keith Thompson (UWP – Girls Who Code); Mike Penn (Platteville Community Arboretum); Kevin Cooley (PHS – Band); Phillip Wagner (Platteville Chorale); Jack Luedtke (Platteville Main Street/Make Music), Sabrina Earl (Family Connections of Southwest Wisconsin); Diana Bolander (Rollo Jamison & Mining Museums); Darlene Masters and Jack Basten (Family Advocates)

The Platteville Community Fund, a component of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, holds two grant cycles per year. For the spring 2018 grant cycle, PCF received 18 applications with total requests of nearly $53,000. Established in 2002, PCF made its first grant in 2005. In total and over 13 years, PCF has made 277 grant awards that have invested over $575,000 in our community!

The monies awarded each spring are available through legacy gifts made by now deceased former residents including Clarence Gribble – owner of the Platteville Journal until 1933; Elinore Loveland – a Platteville native who returned home to retire; Robert & Marjorie Hartshorn – Robert was chair of the mechanics department of the mining school; Marjorie’s Dad, Jesse White, taught chemistry there; and Margaret Keizer – former Platteville middle school English teacher. The ‘trusts’ created by these individuals give back to our community every year, making it a better place to live, work, play, and learn.

Spring 2018 grant awards are as follows:

From the Elinore Loveland Trust

• Family Advocates – $1000, support of the Kids in Transition Summer Academic Continuation Program
• Platteville Chorale – $737.50, in support of the Children’s Choir Spring Tour
• Platteville School District – $500, to support for the development of a Chinese Language Classroom
• UW-Platteville, Computer Science & Software Engineering – $1080, for the “Girls Who Code” Club
• Wisconsin Badger Camp – $2700, for the campership program for Platteville area attendees

From the Robert A and Marjorie M Hartshorn Trust

• City of Platteville: Mining & Rollo Jamison Museums – $754, to support exhibiting images/footage of 1930s zinc mining
• Friends of the Mining & Rollo Jamison Museums – $2000, to support the 2018 Historic Re-Enactment
• Southwest Opportunities Center – $460, for Senior Room Enhancements

From the Clarence Gribble Trust

• Platteville Community Arboretum – $2600, to purchase a trailer to support trail maintenance
• Platteville Main Street Program – $800, in support of the 2018 Make Music Platteville initiative
• Platteville School District PHS Band – $1300, for a portable PA for the Marching Band

From the Loveland, Hartshorn and Gribble Trusts

• PHS Scholarship Fund — $3000 for PHS Class of 2019 scholarships to attend UWP or SWTC.

From the Margaret S Keizer Charitable Fund

• Family Connections of Southwest Wisconsin – $2000, for purchases associated with the creation of a nature playscape for families

PCF is governed by a local volunteer board including Louise Brockman, Kim Brodbeck, Ed Faherty, Kathy Lomax, Eileen Nickels, Joe Rosemeyer, Mary Rosemeyer, Jen Schweigert, Cindy Tang, Bill Van Deest, and Jan Weier. PCF welcomes donations from individuals, organizations, businesses and estates. Anyone can make a gift, large or small, and every gift benefits the Platteville community.
To learn more about the Platteville Community Fund contact chair Nathan Curry (608-348-2615 or [email protected]) or Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin donor services representative Barb Daus (608-778-3344 or [email protected]). Donations are received through the year and may be sent to Platteville Community Fund, PO Box 46, Platteville, Wisconsin 53818