Date: November 5th, 2018

Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation Presents Grant Awards

Seven Excellence in Education grant applications have received funding support from an endowment that has been nurtured and administered by the advisory board of the Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation. IGEF began making EIE grant awards in 2002. With these latest awards, over $23,500 has been invested in 42 projects proposed by school personnel.

Fall 2018 Iowa-Grant EIE Grant Recipients: Kneeling (left to right): Kristen Nelson & Heather Mayne (Kindergarten Field Trip); Carrie Hartnett (PI Day); Marta Leix, Brenda Wasley, Gina Peat & Heidi Pierick (LEGO Wall). Standing (left to right): Fred Skaife, Peggy Biddick, Ron Haas (IGEF board); Sarah Fenstermann & Molly Leibfried (Kindergarten Field Trip); Stephanie Hubbard (Superintendent); Tim Donovan (Trees for Tomorrow); Michelle Tollefson (Coffee Cart Fridays); Carolyn Laufenberg (IG TAG), Kim Bauman (Coffee Cart Friday); Delaney Orr (Pen Pal Project); Vickie Langfoss (IGEF board).

Those projects receiving funding this fall of 2018 include:

• Coffee Cart Fridays – an initiative of the IGEMS special education department to implement a new activity designed to help students to learn to work together, develop their communication skills, and build their self-confidence;
•  The Kindergarten Field Trip: to visit the Black Earth Children’s Museum and Peck’s Farm Market;
•  The IG Talented and Gifted Program: to provide funding for three 5th grade students to learn the fundamentals of Improvisational Theater and for three 6th grade students to practice their creative writing skills with cartoon artist and comic book author, John Mundt;
•  Lego Walls acquisition: to be used by kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students to stimulate STEM skills, particularly creativity, problem solving and teamwork/ collaboration;
•  Pi Day 2019 – to fund a celebration of mathematics on 3/14;
•  Trees for Tomorrow – to fund IGMS students to attend the February 2019 camp in Eagle River; and
• 3rd Grade Pen Pal project – pairing students with community members of retirement age and providing the students practice in cursive, addressing letters, composing, and using the US mail system.

The Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation, a component of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, was established in 2000. Its mission is to build an endowment that provides private resources for the support of the Iowa-Grant School District. The Foundation’s work includes providing scholarships to graduating seniors and making grants in support of innovative and creative educational programming that is beyond the boundaries of the Iowa-Grant School District budget. For more Dave Kalish ([email protected]) or CFSW Donor Services Representative Barb Daus ([email protected] or 608-778-3344). Donations to the Foundation can be sent to the Iowa-Grant Educational Foundation, PO Box 124, Livingston, WI 53554 or can be made online at

Date: November 1st, 2018

Platteville Community Fund Awards 16 Grants Totaling Nearly $20K

To quote Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” The Platteville Community Fund, a component of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, is working with others to do so much, in and for our community!

Front row – left to right: Nancy Fairchild (Make Music Platteville); Brittany Tyson (Family Connections of Southwest Wisconsin) Amelia Armstrong (PHS Music Department); Tori Leeser (Southwest Opportunities Center) 2nd row – left to right: Marilyn Aebersold & Debbie Hamm (Thrift Shop); Brandi Kamps (Wisconsin Badger Camp); Jessica Munz (UWP College for Kids); Melissa Duwe & Darlene Masters (Family Advocates); Ariel Rezin, Jennyfer Perez & Donna Gavin (Girls Who Code) Back row – left to right: Karen Kurt & Luke Peters (City of Platteville); Erik Flesch (Friends of the Museums); Kevin Cooley (PHS Music Department); Jack Luedtke (Platteville Main Street Program); Jes Reyerson (PCA/PHPT), John Urness (Platteville Chorale/Children’s Choir)

Grants were presented at a Thursday, November 1 event. In making the awards, Nathan Curry, PCF board chair, noted, “There are many groups doing incredible work in our community. We reviewed 22 applications with total requests exceeding $63,000. We are humbled by the many donors who have made gifts to our endowment and by individuals who have established named endowments. Today we are presenting grants from the earnings of the Carmen and Eva Beining Endowment, the Robert & Marian Graham Community Endowment, and the Schneller-Tang Endowment as well as the Platteville Community Fund endowment.”

Fall 2018 Robert & Marian Graham Community Fund grant recipients include:

• The Platteville Chorale, $600 to support the Platteville Children’s Choir’s spring tour to Southwest Wisconsin schools;
• Make Music Platteville – 2019, $700 to continue Platteville’s alliance with this international event, held annually on the summer solstice;
• The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Computer Science & Software Engineering Department, $750 to support the purchase of supplies for the “Girls Who Code Club”;
• The Platteville Main Street program, $975 for the purchase of Holiday Wreaths for the decorative street lights on the “Library Block”;
• The UWP Office of Continuing Education, $700 to fund scholarships for Platteville students-in-need to attend the 2019 College for Kids/Middle University program;
• The Platteville High School Music Department, $5,000 to support the establishment of a Digital Music Learning Lab and Recording Studio at the high school; and
• Wisconsin Badger Camp, $700 is for the purchase of life jackets for the canoeing program.

Awards from the Carmen & Eva Beining Endowment were presented as follows:

• Family Advocates, $1000 for client transportation;
• Southwest Opportunities Center, $700 to purchase curriculum for the Community Integration Program;
• The City of Platteville Recreation Department, $680 for a custom frame for a large screen for the City Auditorium;
• The City of Platteville, $1,500 for landscaping of the roundabout on Markee Avenue; and
• The Platteville Main Street program, $1,500 to fund the 2019 Senior Citizen and Food Pantry Client farmer’s market nutrition Voucher Program.

Those receiving grant awards from the Schneller-Tang Community Fund included:

• Family Connections of Southwest Wisconsin, $663 to enhance STEM offering through the purchase a large light table and ‘Shine a Light’ books.
• The Platteville Community Arboretum and the Platteville Human Powered Trails, $360 for the purchase of a trimmer for trail maintenance.

Grants were also presented from the Platteville Community Fund Endowment. Recipients include:

• Concerned Church Women of Platteville (aka/Thrift Shop), $925 to support safety improvements in the exterior areas surrounding the building and
• The Friends of the Mining & Rollo Jamison Museums, $3,235 to purchase shelves for storage of educational materials and voice-over for the video depicting 1930’s Zinc mining.

Established in 2002, PCF made its first grant in 2005. To date and with the fall 2018 presentations the Fund has awarded 293 grants totaling nearly $600,000. PCF is governed by a local volunteer advisory board including Todd Allion, Kim Brodbeck, Louise Brockman, Nathan Curry, Ed Faherty, Eileen Nickels, Mary Rosemeyer, Joe Rosemeyer, Jen Schweigert, Cindy Tang, Bill Van Deest, and Jan Weier.

The Platteville Community Fund, a component of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, welcomes donations from individuals, organizations, businesses and estates. Anyone can make a gift, large or small, and every gift benefits the Platteville community. To learn more about the Platteville Community Fund contact chair Nathan Curry (608-348-2615 or [email protected]) or Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin donor services representative Barb Daus (608-778-3344 or [email protected]). Donations are received throughout the year and may be sent to Platteville Community Fund, PO Box 46, Platteville, Wisconsin 53818

Date: September 19th, 2018

A “Golden” Class Reunion

1968 – 2018…50 years! The Hillsboro Class of 1968 celebrated its Golden Anniversary in August and they left a ‘gift of gold’ to support their Alma Mater.

The Hillsboro Class of 1968 in 2018. 50 years better!

It was definitely a ‘Walk Down Memory Lane’ for many as they gathered to reminisce. There were conversations about the supportive community, the active involvement of parents, and the progressive school board.

Penne Pacl Rush, class valedictorian noted, “From kindergarten through 12th grade, I was fortunate to have been taught by many talented individuals who challenged me in positive ways. When my dissertation committee reviewed my qualifying exam, one member commented he really did not understand some of ideas I was explaining, but they were so well written that he gave his approval to proceed with the dissertation. The emphasis on organization, supporting evidence, and revision I owe to Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Schaller.”

According to Class of ’68 alum Dick Shold whose Father, Gordon Shold, served as school superintendent and is namesake of the football field, much has changed but much remains the same. “Dad was at the school every day, weekends included, and with that he opened the high school gym so many of us could play basketball, year-round, which gave us something to do in a small town. That basketball tradition culminated in a state tournament berth a couple years ago. Current superintendent, Curt Bisarek, does the same now, on weekends, for the community.”

Many reunion attendees shared a similar opinion: The Hillsboro School District is an extraordinary community that provides a great school experience, thanks to many dedicated teachers, staff, administrators and school board members. There were many stories shared by Class of ’68 alums that supported that sentiment, stories about unique educational opportunities including attention to language instruction and the offering of both French and Latin; an aviation program that included ground school and up to 10 hours of flight instruction, photography including an operating darkroom, and an experiential approach to science instruction.

To honor their great school experience and the people who delivered it, especially Mr. Shold, the classmates pooled their resources and donated over $13,500 to the Hillsboro Excellence in Education fund. Of that, approximately $3,000 will be available during the current academic year to fund grant proposals for innovative projects and programs. The remainder has been added to the EIE Endowment and will generate monies FOREVER for projects and programs in the Hillsboro School District.

Special thanks is due the Hillsboro Class of ’68. Their investment in the Hillsboro School District is extraordinary. These graduates of 50 years ago are extending a helping hand to our current students through their gifts, which will provide supplemental monies for innovative projects and programs proposed by Tiger faculty, staff, and administrators.

The Hillsboro Excellence in Education Endowment is affiliated with the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, a tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations to the EIE Endowment can be made by sending a check to PO Box 526, Hillsboro WI 54634. For further information about the Hillsboro School Endowment Funds, contact Advisory Board Chair Kelli Mitchell, District Administrator Curt Bisarek ([email protected]), or CFSW Donor Services Representative Barb Daus (608-778-3344 or [email protected]).

Date: September 4th, 2018

Lancaster Community Fund Announces Fall 2018 Grant Cycle

The Lancaster Community Fund is accepting grant applications for its Fall 2018 grant cycle. Deadline for receipt of applications is Thursday, November 1, 2018. Applications must be completed online and submitted online no later than midnight on that day. Mailed, emailed or faxed copies of applications and incomplete or late applications will not be accepted or considered. The online application is available at Select the grants tab, then grants available. Scroll to Lancaster Community Fund, Fall.

Board chair Joe Krantz noted, “We are honored to award monies during this grant cycle that are available from the Charles “Sonny” Tiedemann Charitable Fund. As many will recall, Keith Tiedemann, through his estate, made an endowed gift of over $4 Million to the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin. His direction was that the earnings available from that endowment were to be granted for projects and activities in Lancaster, through an application and review process under the auspices of the Lancaster Community Fund. We believe that the initiatives that have been funded with the earnings from this endowment are helping to make ours a ‘community of choice.’ Many projects have been supported with grants from this fund including (but not limited to) the air-conditioning of the high school auditorium; the purchase and installation of accessible playground equipment at Winskill; our City of Lancaster Police Dog, Arrow; and science and technology equipment for our schools and public library.”

The Lancaster Community Fund encourages applications from non-profit organizations as well as the schools and municipal committees/boards for projects or programs that serve the people within the city of Lancaster and the Lancaster School District. Requests from individuals are not eligible. Applications must clearly state the scope and impact of the project including the projected number of Lancaster area residents involved in and/or served by the project.

A local volunteer advisory board will review the grant applications and recommend grant awards. Current Lancaster Fund Advisory Board Members include Dave Helmke, Amara Hoffman, Sam Jonas, Joe Krantz, LuAnne Pink, Crysti Prange, Kevin Raisbeck, Megan Slane, and Bette Steinbrenner.

Lancaster Fund grant application forms are available online at the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin website. The specific address is

The Lancaster Community Fund is a component of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, Inc., a tax-exempt public charity. For more information, contact Joe Krantz, advisory board chair, or Barb Daus, donor services representative with the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin (608-778-3344 or [email protected]). For further information about the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, visit

Date: August 29th, 2018

The Worth of a Penny!

Have you ever wondered – what is the worth of a penny? From the number of these coins that can be found on floors and in parking lots, many would likely reply – not much!

Let’s go ‘back in time’ to the early 1950s. Dr. Kate Newcomb, Wisconsin’s Angel on Snowshoes, had a reverence for this copper colored coin, which features the likeness of President Abraham Lincoln. Dr. Kate, as she was known, ministered medicine in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. Her dream of opening a hospital was realized when the entire Arbor-Vitae/Woodruff area joined her crusade. In fact, local geometry teacher Otto Burich, brought the visualization of 1,000,000 to life for and with his students, launching the very successful Million Penny Parade! And, today, on a visit to Lakeland Memorial Hospital (Woodruff) which opened in 1956, folks visit THE BIG PENNY!

EVERY PENNY DOES COUNT! Students in the Mineral Point School District and their families/friends have contributed more than $7000 to the Mineral Point Excellence in Education Endowment Fund, a component of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin.

Fast forward to 2018 and to Mineral Point! Yes, EVERY PENNY COUNTS in Mineral Point and for the building of the Mineral Point Excellence in Education Endowment fund, designed to make grants for special initiatives in the MP Schools. Initiated during the 2017-2018 academic year by volunteer leaders of the MP EIE Endowment fund advisory board, the EVERY PENNY COUNTS campaign has – to date – resulted in donations totaling nearly $7200. The idea – every #PointerNation class, beginning with the Class of 2018 and extending to the 2017-2018 PK4 class (that’s the Class of 2031), would collect ‘pennies’ with the goal of achieving $1000. Yes, be it pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters or paper money, checks or credit cards, EVERY PENNY WOULD (and does) COUNT on the way to the $1K goal!

Congratulations are due the Classes of 2024, 2025, 2026, 2028, and 2029 on reaching the goal. Lots of people – students, parents, teachers, grandparents, friends, and neighbors – helped these 5 classes reach this milestone! Yes, EVERY PENNY DOES COUNT and there’s good reason to be confident that the 2018-2019 academic year will see another 5 classes reach the $1000 mark!

And these dollars – what is their intended use, the purpose? Initiated in 2016-2017, the Mineral Point Excellence in Education Endowment is a FOREVER fund that will provide monies to fund competitive grants for special projects, programs, and/or initiatives in the Mineral Point Schools. The inaugural grants, totaling $1990, were awarded in May of 2018. The projects funded included Opera for the Young, proposed by Jeff David; a subscription to Nearpod, an interactive learning platform, proposed by McKenzy Brown; and needed supplies to initiate Yoga and Mindfulness for School-Aged Children, proposed by Amanda Ingwell.

You can be a part of this initiative – just like folks in the 1950s in the Arbor-Vitae/Woodruff area. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will grow the FOREVER fund for the Mineral Point Schools. For more information contact any of the MPEIE advisory board members – including Nancy Harker, Sarah Fox, Christine Heins, Mary Jean James, Joni Martin, Larry McNeill, Kristin Mitchell, Jessie Potterton, or Rebecca Steffes. Donations may be sent to MPEIE, PO Box 5, Mineral Point WI 53565 or made online The Mineral Point Excellence in Education Endowment fund is a component of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, a 501(c)(3) public charity.