Date: June 24th, 2015

New Belmont School Endowment Fund Awards Scholarships


Jeff Mester, Hubie Mester and Joyce Mester awarded the inaugural Hubert & Joyce Mester Endowed Scholarship, in honor of Wayne Mester, to Belmont senior Tucker Wedig.

A group of dedicated volunteers has been working since the spring of 2013 to establish and grow endowment funds in support of the Belmont Schools.  Their success is evident in recent scholarship awards totaling $5000, made to Belmont Class of 2015 graduates.

Hubert and Joyce Mester were joined by their grandson, Jeff, who presented the inaugural Hubert & Joyce Mester Endowed Scholarship in honor of Wayne Mester.  The recipient, Tucker Wedig, will pursue study at UW-Madison.  This Mester Scholarship Endowment will provide awards, in perpetuity, to Belmont graduates pursuing post-secondary education in the field of agriculture.

Other scholarships presented from endowments include the Frederick and Helen Rehmstedt Endowed Scholarship and the Harold Vickers Memorial Endowed Scholarship.

Frederick and Helen Rehmstedt were educators in Southwest Wisconsin; they established perpetual scholarship endowments in many area schools.  Brianna Riechers was the recipient of the Rehmstedt Scholarship.  Harold Vickers passed away in early 2013.  A graduate of Darlington High School, he attended UW-Madison and then returned to the area to farm.  He was an active member of the Belmont United Methodist Church, the Lions Club and the School Fair.  This is the first Vickers Memorial Scholarship award and the recipient was Zach Jacobson.

Cole Lehnherr and Zach Jacobson earned scholarships awarded through the Belmont School Fund’s partnership with Mound City Bank.  Tucker Wedig and Brianna Riechers earned scholarships given in honor of retiring district administrator Jim Siedenburg, who successfully challenged the Belmont school community to develop endowments for the Belmont Schools in support of scholarships and for grants for classroom projects

The Belmont Excellence in Education and Scholarship Endowment Funds are components of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin.  The funds are governed by a local advisory board including Chad Bahr, Emily Christensen, Mary Demo, Tammy Haag, and Kathy Riechers.  The Funds serve as vehicles to solicit, receive, coordinate and distribute charitable funds.  The

Excellence in Education Fund provides philanthropic dollars for classroom projects that enable teachers to be more innovative, students to excel in areas not typically funded by tax dollars and the community to benefit through better prepared citizens.

For more information, contact Belmont District Administrator Christy Larson (608-762-5131or [email protected]) or CFSW Donor Services Representative Barb Daus (608-778-3344 or [email protected]).  Donations for either the Excellence in Education Fund or the Scholarship Fund (payable to same) may be sent to PO Box 348 Belmont, WI 53510 or may be made online at