Date: June 27th, 2018

Mineral Point Excellence in Education Presents Grants

Margaret Mead’s famous quote – “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – most certainly reflects the accomplishments of the Mineral Point Excellence in Education Advisory Board. Formed in January of 2017, this group – including Kristin Mitchell, chair; Nancy Harker, Sarah Fox, Christine Heins, Mary Jean James, Joni Martin, Larry McNeill, Jessie Potterton, and Rebecca Steffes as well as retired board member Monica Dunn – has worked diligently to build an endowment, the earnings from which, will provide monies for grants for school projects in the MP district FOR EVER.

2018 Don Hawkins Community Oak Savanna and Mineral Point Excellence in Education Grant Awardees
From left: Laurie Heimsoth (Vitamin ‘N’ Nature Day), Deb Molle (3rd grade Oak Savanna Work/Involvement Day), representing the MPEIE Dr. Sarah Fox and Kristin Mitchell, Amanda Ingwell (Yoga and Mindfulness for School-Aged Children), Jeff David (Opera for the Young), and McKenzy Brown (Nearpod, interactive learning platform subscription).

As of May 1, 2018 the EIE endowment had grown to over $40,000. The initial seed money of $10,000 was provided through the sale of the “Super Snacks for Super Kids” book. Additionally, the advisory board organized the “Every Penny Counts” campaign, challenging classes within the Mineral Point School District to become ‘$1,000 charter donors” to the MP EIE Endowment. As a result, numerous individuals, families, and organizations have made gifts to the endowment.

As noted, the ultimate goal is to generate monies for grants for projects within the MP Schools. Dr. Sarah Fox and EIE Board Chair Kristin Mitchell attended the year-end MP teacher/staff appreciation event and presented three (3) grants, totaling nearly $2000. The projects funded included Opera for the Young, proposed by Jeff David; a subscription to Nearpod, an interactive learning platform, proposed by McKenzy Brown; and needed supplies to initiate Yoga and Mindfulness for School-Aged Children, proposed by Amanda Ingwell.

Fox and Mitchell also presented the initial Don Hawkins Community Oak Savanna grants. This named endowment is specific for projects/initiative in the school’s oak savannas. The endowment was funded by gifts from the Hawkins family. Two (2) awards of just over $350 were presented. Deb Molle accepted a grant to fund 3rd grade work at/involvement with the oak savanna; Laurie Heimsoth received the a grant to support Vitamin “N” (Nature) Day.

The Mineral Point Excellence in Education and the Don Hawkins Community Oak Savanna Endowment Funds are components of the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, a 501(c)(3) public charity. For additional information, contact Kristin Mitchell, board chair (608-987-3370 or [email protected]) or CFSW Donor Services Rep Barb Daus (608-778-3344 or [email protected]). Donations to either or both endowments may be made online at or by mail to PO Box 5, Mineral Point WI 53565. Make checks payable to CFSW/MPEIE or CFSW/Hawkins Endowment.