Date: January 11th, 2017

Join Mary Van Hout in a Conversation about Middle-Class Philanthropy

So often when we hear the word philanthropy we immediately think of people like Bill and Melinda Gates who have, indeed, given billions of dollars to support charitable projects.  Philanthropy is not about the amount of money.  Philanthropy is about the practice of investing time, energy, and resources to help make life better for others.  It’s not about billions or millions; rather it’s about ongoing, consistent support.

Join Mary Van Hout, Chartered Financial Consultant, on Wednesday, January 18, for a conversation about philanthropy and about making a difference in your community, FOREVER.  Peoples State Bank, in partnership with the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, is hosting this conversation.  There are 2 opportunities to participate:  at 8:30 Peoples State Bank, Prairie du Chien or at 4 p.m. in the Village Hall at Soldiers Grove.

Cheryl Mader, CFSW board member, noted, “There are so many people in our community who are investing their time and energy to make this a special place to live, work, and play.  This informal conversation will provide an opportunity for people to ask questions and to learn about how it is possible to continue helping the community – be it the hospital, their church, their service club, the local school or some other charitable interest – when they are no longer among us.  It truly is possible for all people, regardless of their personal means, to make a difference in the community – FOREVER.”

Barb Daus, CFSW staff member, noted “During my five years in supporting the development of philanthropy in Crawford County I have been impressed with the dedication of people to making this county a great place.  I see so many investing time as well as making consistent donations to many charitable endeavors.  I have witnessed the investment by many which has resulted in the over $110,000 endowment that is the Crawford County Community Fund.  I believe that many folks who support various charitable endeavors will be interested in this conversation.”

There is no cost to participate in this discussion of Middle Class Philanthropy; and there will be no solicitation or request for funds.  This is simply an opportunity to ask questions and learn.  Requests for additional information should be directed to Cheryl Mader (608-778-4256) or Barb Daus ([email protected], 608-778-3344).