Hillsboro EIE Fund


The Hillsboro Excellence in Education (EIE) Fund is an endowment fund that provides private resources for the support of the Hillsboro School District.

Grants from the Hillsboro EIE to the Hillsboro School District will support educational programming outside of the boundaries of the school district budget. The Fund was established in 2012 with donations from community members.

The Hillsboro EIE Fund is led by an advisory board of Hillsboro citizens operating independently of the school district. The advisory board leads fundraising efforts and will determine the annual grant and scholarship awards.

The advisory board of the Hillsboro EIE also serves as the advisory board to the Hillsboro Scholarship Fund which provides scholarships to graduating seniors of Hillsboro High School.

To Donate

Donations to the Hillsboro EIE Fund are welcome at any time of the year. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Give Now online or mail a check to the following:

Hillsboro Excellence in Education Fund
P.O. Box 526
Hillsboro, WI 54634
Visit the Ways to Give section of this website for information on planning your gift.

Applying for a Grant

The application schedule for the EIE grant will be announced through the school district office. Online Grant Application available here!  To learn about the Hillsboro Scholarship Fund, visit https://www.cfsw.org/scholarships/community-scholarships/hillsboro-scholarship-fund/

Recent Grant Awards

In May of 2018, the Hillsboro EIE advisory board presented 9 grants totaling nearly $6,758. The Hillsboro EIE presented its first grant in 2013 and, in total, has awarded over $23,000 and 33 grants. The monies for the grant awards are made possible by combining the earnings on the Hillsboro EIE Endowment Fund, proceeds from the group’s Kwik Trip card program and designated gifts from individuals.

The awarded projects for 2018 follow:

• Seats for Studying, proposed by Teresa Krajco
• DNA Discovery System, proposed by Maggie Schultz
• Calculators for Academic Decathlon, proposed by Daniel Faas
• Biology Room Chairs, proposed by Maggie Schultz
• Piano Project, proposed by Mary Siefert
• Kindergarten Classroom Library, proposed by Cathy Clark
• Get Our Wiggles Out!, proposed by Beth Thayer
• Flexible Seating, proposed by Karla Frederick
• Magnet Letter Student Sets, proposed by Vanessa Mislivecek