Darlington Area Community Fund

Darlington LOGO 2015Established in 1999, the Darlington Area Community Fund is a permanent, unrestricted endowment created to serve the Darlington area. Its growth and success depends on people like you who share a commitment to invest in the community of Darlington to meet charitable, educational, historical, and cultural needs. Each year a portion of the Fund’s earnings are given back to the community in the form of grants. Volunteer advisory board members initiate fundraising activities and lead the grant distribution process.

To Donate

Donations to the Darlington Area Community Fund are welcome at any time of the year. All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Give Now online or mail a check to the following:

Darlington Area Community Fund
P.O. Box 83
Darlington, WI 53530-0083

Visit the Ways to Give section of this website for information on planning your gift.


Once per year the advisory board awards grants to non-profit organizations, the local school district, and/or local government agencies providing charitable programs or projects serving the good of the community. Grants are presented at a ceremony in May.

Annual grant application deadline: April 1

For available grants and applications, click here.

Recent Grant Awards

In 2016,  the Darlington Area Community Fund made nearly $2,800 in awards for the following projects:

  • Darlington Community Revitalization for Tunes at Twilight
  • Jacob’s Swag Foundation for a buddy bench at the elementary school playground
  • Lafayette County Historical Society for general funding
  • Tyler’s Team Foundation, Inc. for books in the elementary school