As a leader in improving our Southern Wisconsin communities, we create and support solutions to meet community needs.

CFSW Community Funds

Supporting the changing needs of 18 Southern Wisconsin communities. Learn More.

CSFW Education

Supporting educational needs outside of the school budget in 14 Southern Wisconsin public school districts.  In some cases EIE funds support private schools, as well. Learn more.


Supporting women and girls in Rock County. Learn more.

CFSW Farmers Market

Providing a means for low-income persons to access fresh produce through their local food bank and farmers markets. This program is serving folks in Crawford County, Janesville, and Platteville.  Give Now and please designate which community you wish to support.

CFSW Scholarship

Addressing specific scholarship needs with the support of the entire community. Learn more.


Created in 2000 as a resource for the year 2100, the Millennium Fund will provide support to the CFSW region in the 22nd century. Learn More.